PIVOT Tutorial Links

Pivot is an excellent, searchable database. It is user friendly and has features that allow you to search for funding, save or share your searches, see who on Duke University's campus might also share the same research interests. Pivot's tutorials are very short and user friendly. You can choose to use the Quick Start Guide PDF or YouTube tutorials that can be found at each link below. You will need to use your Duke email address when creating your Pivot account. Click on the headings below to reach the tutorials listed.

Getting Started with Pivot-RP covers the following topics with simple text and images for a quick start. Under each topic, you can find links to YouTube videos to guide you on your way.


Searching for Funding Opportunities

Pivot-RP provides multiple ways of searching for funding opportunities:

  1. Funding Types
  2. Searching for Funding Opportunities Using Text Search
    1. Basic Text Search
    2. Advanced Text Search
  3. Searching for Funding Opportunities by Funder
  4. Searching for Funding Opportunities by Keyword
    1. Keyword Search Using the Graphical Discovery Tool
    2. Keyword Search Using One or Multiple Keywords
  5. Funding Search Results
  6. Viewing Curated Searches as Search Results


More Tutorial Pages

Pivot-RP Profiles

Conferences and Papers Invited - Pivot-RP's Conferences and Papers Invited database is a comprehensive collection of calls for papers issued by professional bodies, journal editors, and other conference organizers in all academic disciplines from all over the world. This feature enables you to search for and identify upcoming conferences and special journal issues where you can present and publish your research.



If you have any further questions or suggestions for the troubleshooting section, please email the Funding Opportunities Coordinator.