Programs & Services

Our team offers several services that are designed to help researchers get connected to, and feel knowledgeable about, the tools that are available to them as a member of the Duke research community:


The myRESEARCHhome portal   helps members of the research community manage their research portfolio by consolidating their tools and info in one place.


The myRESEARCHpath lnteractive Research Roadmap   helps members of the research community navigate the research ecosystem at Duke using an intuitive lifecycle-based interface.


The myRESEARCHnavigators team help investigators identify relevant resources, connect with experts, and understand processes and best practices for performing research at Duke. This service is funded by the Duke CTSI.

Researcher Consultations and Onboarding

We offer 1:1 consultation and onboarding sessions for researchers who are engaging in a variety research activities. Each consultation is tailored to the specific portfolio and research-related plans of the researcher.

Campus Oversight Organization

The Campus Oversight Organization for DUHS IRB Protocols supports Campus faculty submitting protocols to the Duke University Health System Institutional Review Board. This website explains how a Campus department-based faculty member can choose which IRB to use, how the DUHS IRB review process works, and who to contact for help with this process. 

Research Facilitation & Data Security

The Research Data Facilitation & Security (RFDS) team supports the evolving computational and data needs of Duke faculty, staff and students using protected data in their research or academic capstone projects. This team was recently housed in the Social Science Research Institute, but now sits within the Office for Research, in coordination with our office, better reflecting it as an institutional resource.  

Other Programs for Researchers

Other services and programs provided by the Duke Office of Research Initiatives, including Writing Groups for Researchers, can be found on this page.