Developed by Turnitin, the leading software for originality checking in educational settings, iThenticate can be used to detect and prevent plagiarism in professional and academic settings by comparing published works to its extensive database. According to iThenticate, their database consists of over 60 billion webpages, and 155 million content items, including 49 million works from 800 scholarly publications. View the Demo below.

View our quick start guide to using iThenticate: 

iThenticate Quick Start Guide (updated 12/2017)

Duke specific training sessions are coming soon.

Access to iThenticate varies by school.  If you are unable to login using the links above, you may still be able to gain access.  Email so we can help connect you with the appropriate process and administrator within each school.

Duke has selected iThenticate as the anti-plagiarism tool for our research community.  Documents (manuscripts, grant proposals, dissertations, theses) can be uploaded for review against other published works. Users are provided with information to help them understand the extent to which the document's content is original.

More information about iThenticate can be found on their website:

Plagiarism Detection Software Demo | iThenticate, by Turnitin

iThenticate offers Live Training Webcasts and a user guide through their website. Dates and times for training webcasts can be found here, and a comprehensive user guide is available here.